Mirror’s Edge dev praises PS3’s cell processor

The developer behind the upcoming First Person Shooter (FPS) Mirror’s Edge has said that the power of PlayStation 3’s Cell processor allows the team to “push the resolution of our textures much higher."

Speaking at a presentation this week, DICE General Manager Sean Decker said, "thanks to the incredible processing power of the PS3", the company is able to producer its "vision of what the game really is".

In a later interview with, Decker commented, “The great thing about it is that there’s a lot of little things like, Faith there when she’s walking like this (points to Mirror’s Edge trailer showing Faith tightrope-walking across a beam), Sixaxis controls, super easy to implement and say, OK well just balance it and then you’ve got it there, as opposed to teaching a player to say, oh let’s push this button or that button."

“The other thing is the Cell really allows us to push the resolution of our textures much higher and we’ve taken full advantage of that as well. So there’s a lot of little quirks to it that we really like and our engineers love as well as our designers,” added Decker.

Despite this, he was keen to point out that neither the PS3 nor Xbox 360 version is superior to the other, suggesting "each one is different".

"The controls are different," he explained. “The other thing is the way the architecture in each one of the machines is different. It allows you to do different things with them and emphasise things, like let’s try a higher texture resolution on this one, and if you want to push the GPU or the CPU, and how the engineers want to balance out what’s most important in this game and how you want to bring that out in each one of them.”

"At DICE we have lead engineers on all of our major platforms and they’re the ones who really architect it and say, you know what this is, what this platform is great for and this is how we’re going to bring it out on it. I wouldn’t say one’s better than the other. Again they have different quirks. It’s kind of like driving several different SUVs and saying one’s better than the other."

Stay tuned for more on Mirror’s Edge in the near future.