Missing PS3 titles Part 2 – Data-Fly and The Getaway

Welcome to the second part of our Missing PS3 Titles feature, where PSU takes a look at some of the most elusive PS3 games announced thus far. This time around, we examine titles including The Getaway and Data-Fly, both of which many feared to have been scrapped after a decidedly lengthy hiatus. Fortunately, however, with recent updates from both Sony and ORiGO, we’re able to shed some light on these highly anticipated games after nearly two years of silence. For those of you who have yet to read it, part one of our feature can be found here.

The Getaway

Developed by SCE London Studio and Team Soho, The Getaway was first announced in May of 2005. A trailer was shown, known as the "Piccadilly Circus" tech demo, which highlighted the power of the PlayStation 3’s new cell processor and how the PlayStation 3 was able to run highly detailed environments as well as perform advanced traffic systems and pedestrian A.I.

Then in 2006, Sony unveiled two new videos, one at GDC 06 featuring a more in depth look at pedestrian animations and A.I., and then a new trailer at E3 2006. The new trailer from E3 confirmed that not only would The Getaway take place in London (as seen in the E3 2005 trailer), but would also feature sections in Amsterdam. However since 2006, Sony has yet to shown anything new regarding the highly anticipated title.

View the trailer for The Getaway here:

Where is the title now?

In March 2008, SCEE screenwriter Katie Ellwood finally broke the silence, stating that Sony was looking to secure a movie deal for their upcoming title.

"[Sony has been] talking to production houses about a movie for the third game in the Getaway series," she said.

"The story and game script for this one is very exciting…"

Then in April it was revealed that Sony London Studio was still working on The Getaway, with the title in pre-production. According to Guardian.com, Eight Days is ramping up into full production and once finished, full production will finally begin on The Getaway.

"The idea is to have two pre-production teams and one production team, which flips onto whatever product, at that point of time, is ready to have that team working on it," said Eight Days senior producer Phil James.

Our guess is that Sony will show something new on The Getaway probably at the Leipzig Convention this year, if not something new on Eight Days. Since Leipzig is based mainly around European development, it wouldn’t surprise us to see a new tech demo or new announcement of some sort on the titles production.


SCEE has canceled The Getaway as well as Eight Days.


Developed by ORiGO GAMES LTD, Data-Fly is a first of its kind stealth/action title where players are in control of a Nanotech Artificial Intelligent lifeform, named Data-Fly.

Using stealth as her weapon, Data-Fly must survive and complete her objectives at all costs, infiltrating some of the most highly advanced military outposts in the world. With the ability to shape-shift into almost any form, as well as replicate items and weapons with her body, players can choose their own pace. Tactics can range from all out frontal attacks, to sneaking through enemy lines by mimicking enemy soldiers, and personnel.

The last we heard from the title was back in October 2006, when CEO of ORiGO Games Adam McClard told PSU.com how the PlayStation 3 was being utilized for the game’s development.

"Everyone knows the PS3 has power to boot in terms of processing, leaving us room to apply more powerful physics systems, and interactivity," said McClard.

Up until now however, ORiGO Games has been silent on all their PlayStation 3 projects including titles like Data-Fly and The Embrace of Time.

Where is the title now?
Adam McClard has kept us updated on the project with plenty of exciting new details to keep us stoked on the future release of Data-Fly, however we are only allowed to post his following comments:

"Due to so many [studios] following or doing similar tech concepts, we’ve decided to take our time with Data-Fly and see where others will go. However, we are still certain our approach is more unique, and probably the most innovative," wrote McClard.

"We will drop the bomb on our title sometime this year."

Our guess is very soon, if not around the time of the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Stay tuned to PSU.com for part three of "Missing PS3 Titles – Have you seen me?" tomorrow.