Missing PS3 Titles Part 3 – Coded Arms: Assault/DarkWatch 2

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Welcome to part three of our daily Missing PS3 Titles series. In this third instalment, we examine Coded Arms: Assault and DarkWatch 2, two games that have maintained a high degree of interest among PS3 fans and yet, concurrently, have remained all but non-existant in the public eye for some time now.

DarkWatch 2:

Technically, DarkWatch 2 has actually yet to be officially announced, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest it’s in development. Presumably developed by the original makers, High Moon Studios, DarkWatch 2 will probably continue the story of vampire gunslinger, Jericho Cross.

Since the game has really yet to be announced, details are scarce, however in 2006 at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco, designers Brent Disbrow and Matt Tieger showed off a new tech demo running on the PlayStation 3 showcasing what looks to be early footage of DarkWatch workings…

Watch the tech demo below:



In response to the video, one of the game developers from High Moon Studios stated that the demo was about horror movies in games, and nothing more. The comment was posted on the official High Moon Studio forum, under his online alias Krazikatt.

"Unfortunately I can’t comment on whether we are or are not making a DW2. Sorry," he wrote.

Where is the title now?

Now this is completely speculation, but Kotaku (via Surfer Girl) posted a rumor in October 2007 stating that High Moon Studios were developing DarkWatch 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Take it for what it is, but since High Moon’s current project, Bourne Conspiracy, is set to release here in June, we expect them to announce something soon on their currently "unannounced game for consoles."


Coded Arms: Assault:

Developed by Konami, Coded Arms: Assault was a PlayStation 3 sequel to 2005’s Coded Arms on the PSP. The game was first announced at E3 2006 revealing the game’s storyline, weapons, destructible environments, and 16 player online matches.

Then in 2006 at Tokyo Game Show, Coded Arms: Assault was playable, showing off a L.A. inspired level where players needed to make their way through cyber-terrorists to a near by building. First impressions of the title were mixed, as the game was still early in production.

Watch trailer below:


However, after the Tokyo Game Show, the game simply disappeared. It has been nearly two years without a word from Konami. In early 2007 it was rumored that the game had been canceled, but with no official word from Konami and release dates still remaining on their official website, people assumed that it may be still in production.

Where is the title now?

Canceled. We contacted Konami earlier this week to get an official comment on the current status of Coded Arms: Assault. One of their representatives responded stating that for now, Konami is no longer working on the PlayStation 3 version of Coded Arms.

"There are no current plans to bring Coded Arms: Assault to the PS3 at this time," remarked a Konami representative.

Tough luck to all the fans hoping the game was still alive.

Stay tuned for part four of our series soon.