Mobile casinos are slowly taking over, but why?

Unlike all the crazy mobile ads we see for video games on our phone that will make us money, there are actual mobile casinos out there. But why is this in such a demand right now? Why are people in the market for these kinds of apps? That and more we talk about in this article.

So, are those mobile games where you earn money fake? Well, yes and no. Technically, you are earning money but the rate or speed you are making that money is slow, very slow.

In the ads you see people getting $200 deposited into their bank account or paypal. But to reach for example an amount of say $10 you would have to spend about 2 months to reach that, so yes, you are “earning” money but they are making more off you because you’ll get prompted to watch ads in the game and marketing companies pay out money to the app developers for ads and their watchtime. So in practice,: the app that is supposed to make you money will prompt you ads and for every minute that gets watched the app owners earn money. And after a long, long time they’ll pay you out a very small slice of that pie.

The comforts of an mobile casino

Some people like to go to a traditional old school casino location. They like to go there for the entertainment, the shows and the food. But when you actually ask a casino player if they purely go there for gambling the answer is often no. So in today’s society people already have a lot of entertainment and good food within reach of finger tips so they don’t find it necessary to go out to a casino or a place for entertainment.

Want some good food? Ubereats or Deliveroo is just around the corner.

Want some entertainment, put on some netflix on your 40 inch ultra Oled flatscreen.

So, this is where mobile casinos come into play, people like playing casino or winning money from their couch or their bed. Also, as mobile casinos are something that is quite new on the market it is being developed and improved constantly. From new games to new graphics to new animations, to new mechanics. So, if you are in need of a good reputable real money casino app you can take a look at and break free from those fake money ads once and for all!