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More Allegations Of A Sexist Work Environment At PlayStation Surface, As Eight More Women Come Forward

Last November, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Sony, alleging the company has a long history of discriminatory and sexist practices towards women.

Emma Majo sued her former employer for gender discrimination, and Sony has since denied the claims, asking the courts to throw out the case due to a lack of specific facts.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Majo’s lawyer filed statements from eight more women about the sexism they’ve faced at the company, one of whom is a current employee.

Their statements included sexist behaviours across multiple offices at Sony, and most commonly they felt it was more difficult to be promoted as a woman.

One of the former employees is Marie Harrington, who was a Sony employee for 16 years.

She recalled meetings meant to highlight employees for which 70 men were highlighted and just 4 women.

She further described how comments were made about the personal lives of the female employees that were absent for the male’s.

Harrington sites the “systemic sexism against females” as the reason she left the company in 2019.

Another woman pointed to a third party investigation done at Sony, which found “a great imbalance in terms of employee distribution”.

A former program manager, Kara Johnson, wrote “I believe Sony Is not equipped to appropriately handle toxic environments”.

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