More on the nightmarish world of Siren: Blood Curse

Did you ever dream of the day that went wrong? The day that logic wass dashed and madness reigned? Siren: Blood Curse’s creator, Keiichiro Toyama, is in the process of turning that dream into twelve horrifying episodes exclusively for the PlayStation Network. Here are a few key quotes from a recent interview conducted by the PlayStation Blog straight from the game’s creator.

"Siren: Blood Curse is not a sequel or a standard remake of the other games," stated Toyama. "Suppose the events of the original SIREN were real, in that case Siren: Blood Curse would be like a ‘movie based on a true story,’ adapting and dramatizing the original. While some of the key events bear resemblance to those in the first SIREN, the characters and the background are completely different. "

"A lot of survival horror titles in recent years have been focusing mostly on just the action element, while Siren Blood Curse puts a lot of its effort into scaring the player and presenting a rich story," Toyama purported. "I think Siren: Blood Curse can serve as an example of the diverse range that games are capable of expressing."

Finally, when discussing what scares him, Toyama responded, "I’m actually afraid of a lot of things, but if I had to pick one of them, it would be the fear that there is always a chance that at any moment everything that I’ve come to accept as my normal, everyday life could suddenly disappear."

We’ll leave you with that vague yet ominous fear. If you’d like to check out the entire interview, you can do so here.