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Mortal Kombat 2 Will Hit Cinemas In October 2025

The Mortal Kombat 2 movie has been handed a release date by Warner Bros., confirming the sequel to the 2021 cinematic reboot of the franchise will launch on October 24, 2025.

Simon McQuoid is returning to the director’s chair for Mortal Kombat 2, with a script provided by Jeremy Slater of Fantastic 4 and Moon Knight fame. Among the new additions to the cast include Karl Urban (Johnny Cage) and Adeline Rudolph (Kitana), while returning from the previous film will be Lewis Tan (Cole), Jessica McNamee (Sonya), Josh Lawson (Kano), Tadanobu Asano (Raiden), Mehcad Brooks (Jax) and Ludi Lin (Liu Kang).

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Mortal Kombat was originally adapted for the big screen back in 1995 by director Paul W.S. Anderson, and was followed by 1997’s Mortal Kombat Annihilation. The series sat on ice for more than two decades until McQuoid rebooted the franchise in 2021, which focussed on the characters of Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

The Mortal Kombat reboot was a pretty major success, driving what would become the biggest box office weekend in North America since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, puling in $22.5 million in its opening weekend.

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