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Mortal Kombat XI Leaked Before Expected Reveal

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Mexican voice actor and director Eduardo Garza, who has lent his talent to the likes of Lucio in Overwatch and Krillin in Dragon Ball may have let slip that Mortal Kombat XI is in the works.

In a tweet sent out today, translated from Spanish, it reads:

“Well finally I confirm that the “professionals” of @ PINKNOISEloc decided to remove my characters from # MortalKombatXI . How sad that a company that wanted a lot ends up making decisions that affect both you, the consumers. Goodbye Kung Lao and Reptile.”

The company that he has tweeted to on Twitter is Pink Noise Studios. Apparently, that company has removed him from the Spanish dubbing of Mortal Kombat XI, which has yet to be officially announced.

Garza was supposed to be voicing both Reptile and King Lao.

This now ties in nicely with growing rumors that Mortal Kombat XI will be official announced at The Game Awards 2018.

Some fans are speculating that this is a typo and what Garza is actually referring to is Mortal Kombat XL

Others disagree.

English translation:”Why would Lalo remove 2 characters that are already doubled at 100%? the game has been out for years so I doubt it’s MK XL”.

The fact that Mortal Kombat XI development is in development is no secret. Earlier this month at the Mo Game Con event in Missouri two martial artists doing mo-cap for the studio confirmed that they were working on Mortal Kombat 11. However, fans have been waiting for a long time for its official reveal.

The latest Mortal Kombat game from NetherRealm Studios was released in 2015 with an XL version released a year later. Stay tuned for The Game Awards on December 6 to see if more news drops!