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Mothergunship Demo Showcases Insane Gun Crafting Possibilities

Mothergunship Demo 01

The Mothergunship demo that was just released confirms one thing to me – if there’s one thing you can never too much of in life it’s massively customisable videogame guns. Like, lots of them.

From the same twisted minds that brought us the hugely enjoyable FPS roguelike Tower of Guns, Mothergunship looks to be a spiritual sequel of sorts that throws the player up against hordes of unrelenting (and massive) enemies, but with the ability to infinitely customise their arsenal of guns to answer the threat in gloriously over-the-top fashion.

Mothergunship Demo: Create Your Own Firearm Monstrosities

Focussing on that latter point, a free demo has been released which allows players to do just that – customise and toy with the near endless possible combinations of firearms ahead of the game’s release sometime later this Summer.

Whether you want to construct a nightmarish flamethrower that fires jets of flame that ricochet off the walls, or, a 20 barrel rocket-launching shotgun that looks like it was designed by Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols, it’s fair to say that the creative latitude for absurdist creations in Mothergunship is quite ample indeed.

Naturally we’ve got links to the demo for both North American and United Kingdom folks alike as seen below, so knock yourselves out:

Download on PS4 NA
Download on PS4 UK

Or! If you can’t be bothered to play the demo, you can always just the watch the trailer that we’ve attached below instead. See? We’re nice like that.

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