MotorStorm 2 to be monster truck paradise

After a disappointing delay with an upcoming MotorStorm 2 video, OPM has released some confirmed information for fans of the series. Unlike the desert-riddled atmosphere that dominated the original MotorStorm title, MotorStorm 2 is set to take place in a lush tropical environment. This will bring in new exciting hazards such as deep water, trees, and other tropical expectancies.

As for the vehicle aspects, you can expect to see a monster addition to the series as monster trucks make their way alongside the ATVs and rally cars. Evolution Studios as also added in new driver intelligence that will cause drivers to try and avoid cartwheeling vehicles.

With an expected video to be made public shortly, the article states that it will be in full CG, but you shouldn’t worry since that is how the original MotorStorm was displayed and everyone knows how that turned out in the end.

There is currently a countdown taking place on that is speculated to be the countdown for the MotorStorm 2 debut video. Whether this is true or not, only the countdown can tell, regardless, once the video is made live and is available to the public, we’ll be bringing it to you front and center.