MotorStorm Arctic Edge unleashed on the PSP

MotorStorm stunned when it was first released with the launch of the PlayStation 3. Gamers were awe-struck by the beautiful scenery and high-octane races. A couple of years later, Sony returned to the MotorStorm franchise somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and delivered yet another experience unlike any other off-road offering. Today, at the Destination PlayStation event, Sony revealed the third MotorStorm game.

Fans of MotorStorm can now bring their favorite off-road racer on the road with them. Announced today for the PSP, MotorStorm Arctic Edge will brings gamers to the "breathtaking yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska."

The title is being developed by Bigbig Studios, who also brought PSP owners a great little title known as Pursuit Force. Expect to see MotorStorm Arctic Edge in retail stores sometime this Fall.

UPDATE: Check out the first screenshots of the game in our Arctic Edge image gallery.