MotorStorm Pacific Rift Interview

The first MotorStorm awed players when it launched for the PlayStation 3 in March last year. Its sequel, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, is aiming to outdo its predecessor with a bevy of new additions, including an exotic tropical locale and four-player split screen racing. To find out more about the upcoming title, we talked to Nigel Kershaw, Game Director at Evolution Studios.

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PSU: Are there any plans to incorporate playable characters from other PlayStation franchises into Pacific Rift?

Nigel Kershaw: While a Sackboy vs Kratos face off on a MotorStorm track would be loads of fun, it’s probably only going to end one way. Alas however we have no plans to stick in characters from other Sony games in there. Tune back in a few years when we have run out of ideas and have to rely on recycling the same old plumbing into our games.

PSU: What kind of customization can fans expect to see in MotorStorm Pacific Rift?

Kershaw: You can choose from a massive variety of vehicle liveries, skins, and characters, but to be frank MotorStorm is a RACING game at heart and it is truly about the action and Hollywood-style jumps and crashes that make it shine. It is a lot less about dolling up your car. If heart-pumping action is what you want out of a videogame, ’nuff said.


PSU: Building on our above question, what kind of customization options will be available in the game’s multiplayer mode?

Kershaw: As I mentioned there’s a massive variety of cars and characters to choose from, and whoever hosts the online and split screen races can choose from all tracks and select number of laps, type of race mode, types of vehicles, and quality of AI to craft the desired race. There’s actually a ton of customization options available so you can create or join just about any type of race set up imaginable.

PSU: How many Trophies are planned for Pacific Rift? Can you divulge any examples in regards to some of the Trophies that players will be able to unlock?

Kershaw: Pacific Rift will have a total of 50 Trophies which can be unlocked. These Trophies are spread broadly throughout the game, featuring a wide range of different challenges to accomplish. Some will be obvious to discover and others much harder but all worth collecting.

PSU: Are there any plans to implement a cockpit camera? If not, what are some of the reasons behind not including it?

Kershaw: We’ve not got any plans to do a true cockpit camera for MotorStorm just yet. With all the action going on in a MotorStorm race, a restrictive cockpit camera will really put players at a disadvantage in the visibility stakes. While the underlying physics, handling and performance of MotorStorm is based on our years if simulation experience, MotorStorm is fundamentally an arcade game, and the cameras we offer reflect this.

PSU: Will specific cars have more unique features to them? The monster trucks in particular seem to dominate every other vehicle, so what will other vehicle classes offer?

Kershaw: Every vehicle in MotorStorm has been balanced to take advantage of particular parts of the track or environment. Sure, the monster trucks are powerful, but the rally car is fast, the bike is maneuverable, the big rig is unstoppable, etc. And the Monster Trucks have a trickier center of gravity. With all of the different vehicles offered presenting their own strengths and weaknesses, racing in our game has taken on a much more strategic element. The tracks are much more balanced than those in the first MotorStorm, but only if you choose the right routes for the right vehicles.

PSU: Are there any plans for the team at Evolution Studios to work on another World Rally Championship game in the future?

Kershaw: Never say never, but at the moment we’ve got lots of plans that don’t include going back to rally games.

PSU: Will Pacific Rift include Home and YouTube support?

Kershaw: We’ll be supporting Home sure. As for YouTube, we have no plans at the moment.

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PSU would like to take this opportunity to thank Nigel Kershaw for answering our questions. MotorStorm Pacific Rift is due for release on October 28.