MotorStorm Update 3.0 Release on Thursday

Beginning Thursday, October 25th, players will be able to download Update 3.0 for MotorStorm via the Online section of the main menu. This update will both add new features as well as fix some bugs in the game.

Fixes for several glitches that made this update include snagging issues, inaccuracies in Eliminator results, and now, when winners leave Eliminator matches, other players should be able to continue without any problems. Also, statistics should no longer reset without warning.

While bug and glitch fixes are always good news, its the new features that make this update so amazing. DualShock 3 support will be added to the game, with adjustable settings. Although this will be of no use to anyone until the new controllers come out, it is great to see that developer’s are already in the works to prepare their games for rumble. Sensitivity settings for the SIXAXIS controller have also been added.

Grid order will be randomly selected for the first race in an online lobby, and based on finishing positions thereafter. While this tilts the scale in favor of the better racers out there, it gives the need to catch up and get a better place in the next race, which is good, because the "Gloating Index" has been added to the Stats card. This index lets you see where you stand compared to other players, giving you detailed information on how many players you beat and have beaten you in online matches.

The last new feature that has been added is an on-screen indicator the displays where voice communication is being outputted, either through your TV or headset. One note on the side, tell all your friends to get headsets, we’re tired of talking to ourselves online!

Be sure to check back for more details on future patches!

Source: EU PlayStation