Mr. T and Will Wright star in Nazi-bashing adventure

Wow. And once again: wow.

The world is a scary, wonderful place. It’s the kind of place where a video game about Mr. T and Will Wright teaming up to take down a group of Nazis can not only be imagined, but realized. No, this is not a belated April Fools’ Day joke.

ZootFly, developer of games like Panzer Elite Action and the unreleased TimeO, has acquired the Mr. T graphic novel license from Mohawk Media and plans to create a series of games revolving around the American actor.

From here on out, we’re just going to give you the official press release, because frankly, it speaks for itself.

The first game will see Mr. T take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations.

Along with Mr. T and other characters from the graphic novel, the game will feature none other than Will Wright. In this universe, Will Wright is not a top-notch game designer but a top-notch American geneticist who was kidnapped and coerced to work on a diabolic plan. Mr. T and Will Wright will join forces to annihilate the Nazis and their hardware.

Platforms include PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC.