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MultiVersus Gameplay Reveals Jason Voorhees In Action As The ‘Weirdo In A Mask’

MultiVersus developer Player First Games has debuted the first footage of Jason Voorhees in action ahead of his release in Season 1 of the Warner Bros. All-star brawler.

Hailing from the Friday the 13th series as its long-running masked killer (remember, it was Mrs. Voorhees who was the killer in the first film, not Jason!), the masked murderer is a Tank class character in MultiVersus. As such, he towers above the competition and features a move set that incorporates his trademark axe and machete, as well as a teleporting ability to appear right behind his victims.

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Jason can stuff opponents into a sleeping bag, fold a bed in half to launch foes, and more classic moves that fans of Friday the 13th will appreciate. Furthermore, Uber Jason from Jason X is also seen in the video as a character variant for the masked killer.

MultiVersus returns on May 28, 2024 after being offline for about a year, and will be available for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.