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MultiVersus Is Officially Offline Until A Full Launch Coming In 2024

In only its open beta status, MultiVersus was able to become one of the most popular live service titles on the market, with its Smash Bros structure being applied in new ways to a whole host of characters all pulled from different IP under the Warner Bros banner.

Fans of platform fighters were ecstatic to finally see something stand up to the dominance that Smash Bros had held over the genre for so long, though that same love an excitement will now be tested as MultiVersus has officially gone offline until a full release in 2024.

Developer Player First Games announced back in March that this would happen, a full shut down for the team to work on the game without having to maintain it live.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still play MultiVersus if you’re so inclined, there are offline modes through local matches and the training room still available, and Player First Games has even made all unlockable content whether its characters or cosmetics free until it comes back online.

MultiVersus was removed from digital storefronts this past April, and now there will be no way to jump into it if you’ve not already added it to your library. You can still re-download it to play the offline modes if you had previously removed it from your hard drive.

For a live service game however, it’ll be interesting to see how things go when it does have its full launch next year. With the open beta already feeling in many ways like the full game, this full launch might come off as a re-launch for some.

And with live service titles being almost entirely dependent on being able to hold a lot of players mind share, will its community return in full force in 2024, or will plenty of players have moved on?

Source – [Player First Games]