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MultiVersus Update 2.1 Full Patch Notes Reveal Character Changes & Bug Fixes

Player First Games has released the MultiVersus update 2.1 patch notes, which aside from adding Marvin the Martian as a playable character, also comes packed with character balancing and bug fixes.

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New Character – Marvin the Martian


  • While there are only minor changes/fixes this patch. In a future patch, we’re looking at bug fixes and larger combat system changes.
  • Bug Fix: Reindog disconnect crash on PS4 consoles.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Spectator could cause lag for players being spectated.

Character Updates


  • Bug Fix – Betrayal signature perk enraged buff will apply 3x weakened stacks as outlined in the previous patch notes


  • Bug Fix – Batman’s hurtboxes while gliding are better aligned with the z-axis
  • Bug Fix – Bouncerang signature perk weakened stacks fixed to 3x as outlined in the previous patch notes

Bugs Bunny

  • Grounded Side Special:
    • Allies enraged by side special will apply 3x stacks of weakened down from 5x
    • Change also applies to the projectile spawned by the Lingering Love signature perk


  • Bug Fix – (Fern Skin): BMO VO lines added to BMO summon.
  • Grounded Side Special: Knockback angle adjusted to be more vertical to prevent repeated ground bounce.


  • Aerial Down Attack (No Ball – Online Only): Pushed knockback angle to be more horizontal to help address some infinite looping combos.


  • Aerial / Grounded Neutral Special:
    • Set cooldown so that it is a “Static Cooldown” and is no longer affected by cooldown reduction perks/abilities.
    • Increased cooldown to 18 seconds from 14 seconds.


  • Bug Fix: Enemies with a projectile block buff and are teleported through Rick’s portal will no longer have their hitstun removed upon exiting the portal.


  • Bug Fix (Evil Morty Skin): Fixed an issue where Evil Morty’s Victory animation would play at low framerate.
  • Aerial / Grounded Down Special: Set cooldown so that it is a “Static Cooldown” and is no longer affected by cooldown reduction perks/abilities.


  • Bug Fix (Aerial / Grounded Side Special) -Fixed a bug that would cause Stripe to teleport to his last hit target.


  • Aerial / Grounded Neutral Special – Ice breath is now limited by a resource meter
    • We felt this change was necessary to prevent exceedingly passive infinite-Ice-Breath camping.
    • Note: Ice breath has higher ammo when playing online. The next patch will have offline’s ammo increased to match online.


  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where “Sass” bubbles were not colliding with terrain.
  • Aerial Side Special – Landing cancel window pushed to later to prevent being able to instantly attack with another move.

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