Munch’s Oddysee HD, Oddbox for PS3, Stranger’s Wrath delayed

Just Add Water’s confirmed that it’s pushed the release of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on PlayStation 3 back to summer 2011.

The game was originally due out this week, though the firm ultimately decided to postpone the game’s launch as a result of the inclusion of new features and the ‘late finish’ of the PC version.

Despite this, the company has plenty more up its sleeves for PS3 owners, announcing it’ll release a HD makeover of Munch’s Oddysee for Sony’s flagship console in October, in addition to the Oddbox compilation.

"Stranger’s coming out this summer," said JAW’s Stewart Gilray, during a chinwag with Eurogamer at last night’s GameCityNights event in Nottingham. "We thought, why don’t we just make up the set and do Munch HD as well?"

Munch’s Oddysee originally released back in 2001 as a U.S. Xbox launch title, and later showed up in the UK the following year.

Stay tuned for more Oddworld-related gossip here at PSU in the near future.