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Musical, Narrative Runner ‘Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield’ Confirms PS5 Release Date For May


Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield has confirmed its PS5 release date as May 19, 2021, after announcing the narrative runner last year for PS5.

The game, which offers a unique musical and narrative twist on the Runner genre, places you in the shoes of Wally. Wally, a mysterious kid out to recover items from his past and save what is left of the future has you outrunning your enemies and exposing the truth of the world around you.

The story progresses as you slide, run, jump, and dash and use a variety of movement combinations to overcome challenges ahead of you. And, those who like speedrunning will be glad to know that you can speedrun through the game, whilst also take it at your own pace if that is what you want. The soundtrack to the experience is from Detroit artist, “Danime-Sama” and features vocals from black artists around the world.

You can watch the Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield PS5 release date trailer below:

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Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield releases for PS5 on May 19, 2021.