MW2 Resurgence Map Pack details revealed

Robert Bowling, the creative strategist over at Infinity Ward, recently dropped some information regarding the upcoming Resurgence Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. During his guest appearance on the latest episode of Major Nelson’s podcast, Bowling revealed that Activision will be sticking to the exact same formula as last time: three new maps, two old ones, and a $15 price point.

"Strike" and "Vacant" were confirmed to be the two re-released maps from Call of Duty 4. The three new maps are Trailer Park, a level featuring "super tight corridors"; Fuel, a sniper-friendly map; and Carnival, a circus that features such attractions as a Ferris wheel and a fun house.

Surely gamers will cry foul once again over the absurd pricing. Unfortunately, numbers don’t lie – the Stimulus Package garnered over two-and-a-half million downloads in one week. As such, we can’t exactly imagine Activision turning down a virtually guaranteed 40 million dollars.

Though no official release date has been announced for the PS3 and PC versions, it’s safe to assume that they will be available approximately one month after the 360 version’s release date of June 3rd.