Naughty Dog director teases new Last of Us DLC ‘coming soon’

Bruce Straley, game director at Naughty Dog, indicated via Twitter this evening that a new piece of downloadable content is apparently in the immediate pipeline for hit PlayStation title The Last of Us.

As part of an initial report in September of last year, three pieces of DLC were in the future for The Last of Us. The first pack came with multiplayer components and extra content, and the single player Left Behind download hit the PlayStation Store in February; check out our review of Left Behind right here.

Now, the third piece of content has been hinted, but the tweet that Straley posted isn’t clear as to what sort of DLC this third drop will be:



Since Straley mentioned that he was playing "new SP mode," so it’s assumable that this new content will indeed be an addition to The Last of Us storyline in some way. 

With the new signs that The Last of Us will also release for the PlayStation 4, this extra content, as well as the other two pieces of DLC, could be bundled with the Enhanced Version of The Last of Us. Until we know more, however, we can only speculate as to what the DLC really is and how it will revolve around the game.

Would an extra pack of multiplayer maps be the best addition to The Last of Us, or would an extension to the storyline be better?