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Naughty Dog Is Hiring For 2021 As Production Presumably Ramps Up On First PS5 Game

The Last of Us Part 2 developer Naughty Dog has a bunch of new job openings for 2021 as the studio presumably knuckles down on production for its first PS5 game, which remains unnamed at this point.

There’s an absolute boatload of openings available at the Sony-owned studio, including positions in Animation, Production, Art, Editorial, Game Design, Lighting & Visual Effects, UI, Programming and more. Evidently, the studio is looking swell its ranks considerably in the New Year.

Naughty Dog typically delves into new IP territory for a new console generation. After making Crash Bandicoot games on PSOne, it turned to Jak & Daxter for PS2 before moving onto Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the PS3.

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However, things changed slightly then, as it also worked on The Last of Us for PS3 (a then-new IP) and then remastered it for PS4 before working on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us Part 2 for the same console.

Could they pursue a new IP for PS5, or perhaps work on a sequel to an existing franchise? We’re definitely going to be watching this one closely!