Naughty Dog is on a hiring spree for The Last of Us Part II

the last of us part 2

Excited for The Last of Us Part II? Got mad dev or IT skills? Want to work for Naughty Dog? If the answer to all those are a "yes," then you might want to consider applying  Over on Twitter, Anthony Newman, who’s a Co-Lead Designer at Naughty Dog, tweeted out a pic with open positions at the studio. 

Naughty Dog is looking for people in the animation department, design, IT and more. You can check out the complete list of openings right now in the image.

What does this mean for The Last of Us 2? Probably not much, other than the studio is going full steam ahead with development. It’s understandable if you’re thirsty for The Last of Us Part II info as much as I am, but so far, Naughty Dog has been very quiet so far. You can read up on where we think The Last of Us sequel wil take place. Or maybe check out why the studio was motion capturing a hog — no, really!

The Last of Us Part II is set for release on the PlayStation 4, but don’t expect it anytime soon.