Naughty Dog responds to Savage Starlight rumors

As of late rumors have been rampant about the next Naughty Dog game. The rumor that seemed to be building up the most steam was that NaughtyDog was developing a Sci-Fi game by the name of Savage Starlight.

Savage Starlight of course was a movie advertised on posters seen in The Last of Us, and knowing Naughty Dog’s love for placing Easter Eggs that generally have to do with what comes next for the studio, one would assume that Savage Starlight could be the next big Naughty Dog game. To further fuel the rumor mill, Naughty Dog also recently visited SpaceX—a leading company in the development of space technology.

So what does all of this mean for Savage Starlight, Naughty Dog, and gamers around the world? Apparently not much! According to a tweet from Christophe Balestra, the Co-President of NaughtyDog, the studio isn’t working on a game that takes place in space and the studio was invited to SpaceX, simply "because [They’re] cool:"

If you were hoping for Savage Starlight or some space related game from Naughty Dog, don’t give up hope just yet! Time tells no lies, and only with time will we know for sure what Naughty Dog is working on. Stay tuned here on PSU for all things Naughty Dog and all things PlayStation.