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NCSOFT Is Bringing MMORPG Lineage W To PS5 In 2021

MMORPG Lineage W is officially heading to PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices in 2021, NCSOFT has announced.

Lineage W is set to continue the success of the PC MMORPG Lineage , and was ‘strategically’ developed with a global player base in mind. According to Taek-Jin Kim, Chief Creative Officer at NCSOFT, Lineage W is designed as “a project that pursues the ultimate Lineage.”

Lineage W is a compilation of the Lineage intellectual property over the last 24 years. The game emphasizes Lineage‘s core values: battle, pledge, sacrifice, and honor. Lineage W will expand Lineage’s key element ‘battle community’ globally.”

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Set in dark fantasy world, Lineage W will feature full vibrant 3D graphics and an advanced battle system, and promises to immerse players in diverse narratives. In addition, the game will feature Cross-Play for consoles, including the PS5 and Switch, as well as AI translation that enables real-time communication among players speaking different languages.

Lineage W is due for release in 2021 for PS5, PC, Switch, and mobile formats.