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Nearly Half Of Microsoft’s 1,900 Employee Layoff Were Activision Blizzard Developers

A little more than two weeks ago at time of writing, Microsoft announced it would be laying off 1,900 employees from its gaming division, with a lot of the cuts coming to Activision Blizzard developers.

Now, thanks to a report from Twitter account WhatLayoff, which keeps track of and reports on layoffs worldwide we have a better picture as to where the layoff axe fell.

It appears that 899 of 1,900 employees laid off came from Microsoft’s recently acquired Activision Blizzard branch, which means that almost half of the 1,900 employees were from Activision Blizzard.

The rest of the employees laid off were part of other teams within Microsoft and Xbox, all still under the gaming division.

While there were reports that Activision Blizzard employees made up for the bulk of the layoff, to see that they represented nearly half after being acquired in a massive acquisition none of those employees asked for is disappointing.

Hopefully all those impacted by layoffs are able to land on their feet.

Source – [WhatLayoff on Twitter]