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Need For Speed Unbound Brings Drift Pro & Drag Improvements In Update 1.000.024; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

Need for Speed Unbound has received some tinkering under the hood today with the release a brand new update that adds various quality of life improvements. Notably, the Drift Pro and Drag mechanics have been polished up. You can read the full details in the Need for Speed Unbound update 1.000.024 patch notes below.

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Yo! Hope you are all enjoying taking it back to the Underground in Vol. 7: Drift & Drag.

It’s been awesome to see the responses to Vol. 7 so far…. but…. as per Kaizen…. there are always improvements to be made.

We also know there are a couple of things that need addressing still, that aren’t on this list. One of those being PVP doors not always taking you to the correct playlist. Rest assured we are working on this and other issues still.

That being said, the team as always have been kicking quality of life and bug arse! and we’re back to provide you with a fresh serving of improved goodness.

Check below from some of the headliners and the full list of fixes below that. This will likely be our last update for Vol 7 (apart from any spot fixes like PVP doors above) as we are full force on Vol. 8!

As always please keep the feedback coming. Thank you for the support, the honesty, and sharing some of the most tyre slaying, Drift-chaining, Drag-playing content we have ever seen! As always, appreciate you all!

-Team Kaizen, Criterion Games

Note: Patch 7.1.0 will release on Thursday, June 13th 2024.


Playlist Improvements

  • SOLO PLAYLISTS IN FREE ROAM! Reduced the required players in a lobby to start a gamemode from 2 -> 1
    • If you want to play a playlist and other peeps on the server are busy or in another event you can now play it still yourself. This should also help with those challenges that you might have had trouble ticking off or if you just want to play your favorite track.
  • Adding back removed playlists
    • A bit of context: This was actually a bunch of playlists that were hardly ever played as per our telemetry and we wanted to not overload the meetups. Also in terms of events, nothing was removed bar Colossus (which got removed as a race playlist due to it being a Darkhorse specific route for Vol7) HOWEVER! Heard you all loud and clear and all playlists are coming back in for you to enjoy especially now with being able to play an event without needing another real world player.

Drift Pro Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in which Chaining bonuses were applied incorrectly and reduced the score awarded per chain
  • Twin drift now depends on BOTH players drifting, instead of just the scoring player

Drag Improvements

  • Don’t allow players who are on the starting grid of a drag race to manually reset on track so that they do not end up respawned in unideal positions
  • Teleport players back to the starting grid after tire warmup if they have slid forward in some vehicles in Drag

League Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with no progress shown in Frontend Garage
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game HUD League-Progress showing 1st completed Racer instead of latest when next Rival is locked
  • Fixed Drag-event rounds listings shown on Playlist card


  • Added HKS and KUMHO decals to the wrap editor


  • Fixed the Player Rank display in the banner and some other places for Ranks 201+
  • The 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse is missing the additional default Criterion body kit, it will now be unlocked when purchasing the vehicle
  • Fixed corruption on animated LED wheel LODs
  • Origin Trail added – Original smoke with light trails
  • Fixed incorrect perfect start values in regular street races
  • Fixed the PS5 haptics issue
    • We had noticed some issues with PS5 haptics not being as powerful or working at all in some circumstances. Fixed now
  • Skip track – Fixed skip track not functioning in events (D-Pad Right/Page-Up)
  • PVP Drag – Half & Quarter mile playlist cards show only the reverse rounds (2,4,6)
  • Fixed issue with objectives not appearing as completed when viewing the League tab from the lobby screen
  • Fixed an issue with League 1v1 playlist only showing rounds 1 and 3 in the playlist card
  • Fixed league banner showing car reward icon for racers that do not reward cars
  • Fixed – Melissa’s Custom Eclipse GSX ’99 is missing Air Trails
  • Fixed – Ford Mustang Dark Horse’s spoiler is missing one Air Trail when the user equips one of the Big Country Labs Spoiler
  • Fixed Speed Pass XP bar overflows when leveling up in return to garage Speed pass XP gained Screen
  • Fixed – The Banner title “Hashiriya” and “Drift-Zoku” appear duplicated in the Banner titles menu, one locked and one unlocked after completing the required one shot challenges
  • Fixed the camera position in Speed pass carousel being kept in the same place for the next previewed reward
  • Fixed – User cannot scroll through playlist list in meetup after own invite expires and there is another active invite
  • Fixed – Drift Pro & Drag Playlists – Finish line countdown timer SFX missing in drag events
  • Fixed – Vol7 Playlist invite sticker appears and disappears for ongoing invite while scrolling through playlists in meetup
  • Fixed – The underglows unlocked through Speed Pass are not visible to other players on the server
  • Fixed – Available for playlist widget overlaps the Community Goal within the Leagues menu when opened via the Deploy/In-game Map
  • Fixed – Challenges – “Hit 200mph/321kph in a Drag event” is displaying 0/0 before and after completion
  • A number of additional stability, bug and quality issues


  • PVP Doors not always taking you to the correct playlist
    • Ok so this is a tricky one! Firstly, we had difficulty reproducing this in our development environment. As a small team we didn’t see this issue when we artificially scaled our environments for testing, but the magical combination of lots of players performing actions at certain times, has made this issue occur now when the feature is live.
    • On top of that, we are doing different things with our matchmaking systems which haven’t been done before and this has exposed issues that we need to work with external teams to fix.
    • We think we understand what the issue is now and the team is working super hard on ways to fix it with other partners outside of the dev team. As soon as we do, you will hear about it. Thanks for sticking with us on this one. We know it’s frustrating (we feel it too!)