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Neil Druckmann Confirmed As Writer/Director On Naughty Dog’s Unannounced PS5 Game

Neil Druckmann has revealed on his Instagram page that he’s the writer/director of Naughty Dog‘s unannounced PS5 project, although this probably won’t come as a surprise given his involvement in pretty much all major projects at the Sony-owned studio the last few years.

Naturally, this will have people speculating as to what the new project is; a new IP or the long-rumoured The Last of Us: Part III? We know that Naughty Dog is working on something for PS5 beyond its The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off, but nothing else has been confirmed at this point.

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Druckmann has acknowledged that fans want a new entry in The Last of Us franchise, although he stopped short of confirming whether this is indeed Naughty Dog’s new project. However, he did previously reveal that he feels there’s ‘more story to tell‘ in regards to The Last of Us.

As mentioned, The Last of Us: Part III has been rumoured for some time now, with the last reports claiming it will introduce five new characters and will also bring back Ellie in a major role. The as-yet unannounced project is reportedly set to launch on PS5 but also has ‘PS6 in mind.’

Whatever Naughty Dog has up its sleeves for PS5 next, we’ll just have to wait until Druckmann and his team are ready to spill the beans.

[Source – Neil Druckmann Instagram]