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Nekki Debuts New Gameplay Trailer For Upcoming Single-Player Action Game SPINE

SPINE is a third-person cinematic action game currently in production from Nekki, and the studio just debuted what it’s calling a gameplay trailer, and players can’t decide if it looks great, or if it looks too good to be true.

The trailer does clarify that it’s still “early in-game and cutscenes footage,” and SPINE wouldn’t be the first game to have a trailer that looks great, only for the actual game to look quite different.

That being said, the action showed off in the game does look quite impressive, and it could very well arrive on PS5 and become the best new action game in recent years.

You can check out the trailer and decide for yourself, below.

SPINE is set in a cyberpunk future where you’re fighting against Tensor Corporation, an AI regime that you’ll be trying to burn down one bullet, punch and kick at a time.

Source – [Nekki]