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Neva, The Next Game From GRIS Developer Nomada Gets A Proper Gameplay Reveal

Neva, the next game coming from the same developer behind the classic platformer GRIS has just gotten its first gameplay reveal since it was announced back in 2023.

It’s immediately clear that Neva will carry a lot of the same DNA as GRIS, but it’ll be very different then GRIS. Mainly because there’s a whole lot of combat which was entirely absent in GRIS.

Neva follows the story of a young woman named Alba and her wolf companion as they encounter and defeat dark forces and try to survive in a world that’s dying around them.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for yourself, below.

Compared to GRIS, it looks like what Neva mostly keeps is the beautiful art style, design and soundtrack. It’ll be interesting to see all of that paired with elevated and more intense gameplay, which is what it looks like Neva brings.

For now, we only know it’ll release 2024, so hopefully we get a proper release date soon.

Source – [Summer Game Fest 2024]