Neverwinter 2x Enchantments & Runes, 15% off Zen Market ’til next week

neverwinter 2x enchantments and runes

Those who pour in a lot of time into Cryptic Studios’ MMORPG Neverwinter on the PlayStation 4 will have a treat starting today. that will run through until next week. The official Neverwinter Twitter account announced that there’s a Neverwinter 2x Enchantments & Runes event going on right now, and what’s more, everything in the Zen Market will be 15 percent off!

Here’s the skinny straight from the Arc Games website:

This weekend, we’ll be having a 2x Enchantments and Runestones event! During this time frame, receive double the amount of Enchantments or Runestones you would normally get wherever you are in the game. In addition, Lord Neverember has decreed that everything in the Zen Market be 15% off!


2x Event and 15% off All starts Thursday, August 31 at 10am PT


2x Event and 15% off All ends Tuesday, September 5 at 10am PT

With all of the amazing Enchantments and Runestones available in Neverwinter, this weekend will be the best opportunity to upgrade your weapon or your last piece of armor! Mark your calendars, adventurers. 

You can download Neverwinter on PS4 for free right here, with the base game weighing in at 13GB without title updates.