New Alien vs. Predator film gets PSP adaptation

Sierra Entertainment is in the development stages of an Alien vs. Predator game based off the Twentieth Century Fox film scheduled to release this December. Rebellion, creator of Alens vs. Predator PC, will once again spearhead the operation of developing another successful title.

Designed exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, this game will pit players against the Alien species as the ultimate hunter. Taking form as a “Predator”, one will have the pleasure of tracking down and brutally annihilating the aliens with futuristic weapons in similar terrain as the movie. The third person view will allow players to utilize the “Pred-tech/thermal vision” mode and cloaking abilities to further their advancement, whether during single player or co-op multiplayer.

Al Simone, Senior VP of Sierra Marketing, provided a little extra buzz:

“Pitting two of Hollywood’s most popular and terrifying monsters against each other, the upcoming Aliens/Predator movie will provide a gripping gaming experience for not only fans of the film, but anyone with a PSP system,” with Elie Dekel, Executive VP of Fox Licensing & Merchandising adding, “Sierra Entertainment will create a game that will keep both fans of the films and avid gamers alike engaged for hours of immersive game play.”

These endorsements along side the standing tradition of the franchise should be proof enough of their commitment to excellence.

To add value to the title, Sierra has included a “honor point” system to reward players for following the code of the Predator nation. The more closely one follows the system, the better weapons and upgrades you receive.

Stay tuned to PSU for more information on the new PSP title.