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New Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon Details Revealed, Will Have A Single-Player, Action Focus

Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon might not have been the game FromSoftware fans would’ve guessed the storied developer would tackle, but it’s altogether not that surprising to see the studio move in a direction in which it might feel like challenging itself.

After the Souls series, both Demons and Dark, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, it wouldn’t be out of line to suggest FromSoftware had enough, for now, with fantasy-focused projects.

Bringing things back to an old franchise, and tackling science fiction once again with Armored Core is a new challenge, and it’s exciting to see the studio creating something that’ll be for many players an entirely new kind of game.

In a recent interview during Tapei Game Show 2023, producer Yasutaka Ogura revealed some new details about the upcoming game.

This new Armored Core won’t have any narrative ties to the series last entry, a choice made so that players unfamiliar with the franchise could jump in without concerning themselves with the first five games.

It’ll also be a single-player focused campaign that emphasizes customizing your mech to fit different scenarios, and encourages creative builds to overcome bosses and enemies that have to be met in different ways.

And while the game will still be difficult, providing a “stiff challenge” to players as Ogura said, it won’t be following the same game logic and style that players have come to know across FromSoftware’s most recent games.

While those gameplay details are all well and good, Ogura did mention one other thing that leaves a lingering question.

According to Ogura, Hidetaka Miyazaki began as the project’s director, though he has since left the project. So what’s Miyazaki working on now?

With Armored Core being the studio’s main focus now we’re unlikely to find out soon, though one could always dream it’s finally time for Bloodborne 2.

Source – [NoisyPixel]