New Battlefield 4 details leaked: returning weapons, multiplayer, and DLC

A fresh batch of details has hit the net for the next installment of EA’s major first-person shooter franchise Battlefield.

A plethora of features that were featured in Battlefield 3 will make a reappearance in Battlefield 4, including most guns, single-player and co-op, and 64-player multiplayer. EA looks to be expanding extensively on what made Battlefield 3 successful and extend their vision into further advancing the series. The complete list of details is:

-Battlefield 4 will stick with 64 players. Maps are larger and more detailed.
-Three factions: US, Russia, and an unnamed “Eastern/Asian” faction.
-4 classes with “additional features and tweaks” compared to BF3
-Shipping with same amount of maps as BF3, there are plans for lots of DLC.
-DLC is already in planning stages.
-Battlefield 4 Premium will be available on day one and include some perks.
Most of the guns and vehicles from BF3 will return.
–More squad features.
-Commander feature returns, but won’t be the same as in BF2
-Battlefield 4 is coming out on both current and next gen systems, and PC as well.
-Game is more of an evolution rather than revolution of the series. Both technically and gameplay wise.
-Will ship with more game modes than BF3
-Will ship with more close quarter infantry maps than BF3
-Frostbite 2 engine is pushed further in BF4. Better effects, higher res textures, more detailed game worlds, etc.
-BF3 will still be supported after Battlefield 4 launches.
-There is plan of some sort of integration between BF3 and BF4. Could be Battlelog-only.
Battlelog will be updated for Battlefield 4 with more social features and more detailed stats.
-Single-player and co-op will return, new writers involved this time.

Until we know for certain that Battlefield 4 will release for the PlayStation 4, we can only, almost safely, assume so at this point. Until EA officially declares it as such at the official unveiling on March 26, we can only speculate. 

Via BF4 Central