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New BioShock Is Reportedly Set In Antarctica, Is Bigger Than Previous Games & Should Launch By End Of 2024

Developer Cloud Chamber is keeping details close to its chest regarding the new BioShock game, but according to a Oops Leaks on Twitter (needless to say, take this with a pinch of salt), the game will take place in Antartica.

The leaker posted an extensive list of info that they have been told about the game, which is claimed to be out by the end of 2024. From the sound of things, the new BioShock will be considerably larger than previous series entries.

I have received confirmation that the game will be based in Antarctica. An open world with a main story that has multiple endings. Allegedly, the theme of aggregate states of water plays a huge role in the plot and lore which will be more extensively revealed through side quests.

The artstyle and in-game graphic design is similar to Deathloop. It has 1960’s The British Invasion and counterculture vibes, style is psychedelic and trippy (I guess the music too). Heard about a solid soundtrack and a female protagonist. Still don’t know if Schyman is back.

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The leaker also received details on the actual setting of the game, but warned readers that these are “most likely a complete bullshit.” Specifically, this info details about the narrative being focussed on refugees from Rapture, resulting in a boom of multiculturalism.

The new BioShock game hasn’t been officially unveiled yet by Cloud Chamber, although that hasn’t stopped details from being spilled on the project via multiple job listings over the past few years.

Back in May 2021, a job listing from the studio seemingly confirmed that the new BioShock game will utilise the Unreal Engine 5.