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New Blood And Truth Update Adds Extra Challenges

Developer Sony Bend has released a new Blood And Truth update for you to grab for the PSVR cockney-flavoured shooter, this time adding a bunch of new Gun Skill challenges, which will give you a chance to test your firearm skills and weapon handling techniques.

Blood And Truth Update Detailed

First up is Quick Draw, which takes place in an Old West setting and sees you drawing your revolver on your target as fast as possible when they turn hostile. If you’re able to dispatch an entire posse, you’ll be rewarded with bonuses, while completing all duels in a single try will cough up a bronze Trophy.

Pistol Spinning meanwhile sees you activating targets using this flashy technique. You’ll call up as many as you want before stopping to shoot, but you’ll have to be quick, as you don’t want them to time out. Take out all eight target sequences in one go, and you’ll net a bronze Trophy

Mechanism on the other hand will pit your multitasking skills to the test as you take on a timed survival challenge. Here, players will drive gears with levels to reveal time-boosting targets, and if you perform well enough you’ll obtain additional levels and higher-value targets.

Next up is Color Coded, which is a dual-wielding challenge that sees you using coloured firearms to shoot matching targets. Your multiplier will rise with each successful hit, but you’ll reset your streak if you happen to land a misplaced shot. A bronze Trophy is yours if you string together 20 coloured targets.

Finally, Hot Swapping is a tactical version of the above challenge. Here, you find yourself equipped with a pistol and rifle, and must swap targets as required to take down targets both near and far off.

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Source: PlayStation Blog