New Call of Duty WW2 map and game mode revealed

Sledgehammer Games has unveiled a new Call of Duty WW2 map set in London during the Blitz.

New Call of Duty WW2 map detailed

The London Docks map, seen in the above image, looks to be set during the aftermath of a bomb strike, with smoking ruins and craters dotting the cobbled streets of the city. 

We also see a few of London’s iconic red buses, plus a wharf cafe & pub that appears to be doubling as an air raid shelter. 

Another image, seen below, depicts the London underground with the player character holding an old football in their hands. According to Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey, this image is taken from the newly-unveiled Call of Duty WW2 Gridiron mode, a more down-to-earth version of Infinite Warfare’s Uplink.

The Blitz marked a concentrated effort by the German Luftwaffe to bomb Britain’s key factories, power stations, and other prime targets in London’s East End. The campaign resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and saw more than 25,000 high explosives dropped by German bombers such as the Heinkel and Ju-88. 

Earlier this week, Sledgehammer confirmed that Season Pass holders will receive a classic Call of Duty map when the game launches next month. 

Call of Duty WW2 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 3, 2017.

The game is the first instalment in the popular first-person shooter franchise to take place during WWII since 2008. Set during the latter stages of the conflict, Call of Duty WW2 focuses on the U.S. 1st Infantry Division as they push through occupied Europe and into Berlin. 

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan, reckons that Call of Duty WW2 will be the best-selling title in the series to date.

Despite this, it looks like Call of Duty 2018 will be moving back to contemporary battlefields.