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New Cris Tales Trailer Introduces Crisbell, Matias And Willhelm, Full Voice Cast Revealed

A new Cris Tales trailer has been released during yesterday’s Future Games Showcase, revealing a number of key characters plus details on the game’s cast.

Some of the main folk you’ll bump into include Crisbell (Kira Buckland), who servers as the main character and takes the form of a young orphan unaware of her latent powers as a time mage. Matias (Cody Rock) meanwhile is an organ frog that is capable of speech, who meets up with Crisbell at the start of the game.

Willhelm (Lindsey Vega) serves as Crisbell’s magic teacher and is encountered early in the game, and though he looks like a kid, he possesses a great deal of skill and experience in his field. Another face you’ll bump into is Christopher (Zeno Robinson), a brave and heroic Mage Warrior responsible for defending the Kingdom of Harim from Goblin invaders.

Here’s the rest of the cast of characters:

  • Suzie Yeng as Various Characters
  • Sean Chiplock as Various Characters
  • Jenny Yokobori as Kari Hudo
  • Cassie Ewulu as Lucia
  • Sarah Thomas as Fenia
  • Rhiannon Moushall as Assan
  • Christina Kelly as Lau
  • Lindsay Shepherd as Rysa and Nasar
  • Adin Rudd as Lucio
  • Michael Kovach as Azufra
  • Farah Rishi as Orola
  • Dawn M. Bennet as Rhallus
  • Tamara Ryan as Gladys
  • Laila Berzins as Buki
  • Marissa Lenti as Sophia
  • Dani Chambers as Adri
  • Kamran Nikhad as Enzo
  • Natalie van Sistine as Mother Superior
  • Tyler Carson as Armando
  • Tiana Camacho as Galley and June
  • Meredit Sims as Volcano and Paulina
  • Vincent Fallow as Farmer Robert

Cris Tales is scheduled for release on July 31, 2021 for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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