New Destiny: Rise of Iron VidDoc offers a look at exciting new features

Bungie has released a new Destiny: Rise of Iron VicDoc following its livestream event at Gamescom 2016.

The new footage highlights all the various new features that the upcoming expansion offers, including the new Raid, Wrath of the Machine, which sees Guardians battling through the The Wall and its surrounding terrain. 

One of the biggest new additions to Rise of Iron however is the ability to customise your Crucible experience by hosting private matches, allowing you to tweak various parameters such as time of day, score limit, and Light Level. Check out the new VicDoc below. 

Destiny Rise of Iron release date set for September alongside the Destiny Collection

Bungie announced at E3 back in June that Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The expansion will be joined by Destiny: The Collection, which features the base game and all four DLC packs: The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron.

Support for Legacy Console versions of the shared-world shooter (in other words, PS3 and Xbox 360) has been dialed back following the release of a new update earlier this month. 

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