E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo News

New Doom content announced, including demo and free multiplayer modes

Marty Stratton took the stage to thank fans for their support and to announce the new content coming to his new shooter romp Doom.

For this week and this week only, all players curious to check out what Doom has to offer can jump onto their PS4, Xbox One, or PC and download the demo for Doom, which will include the first level of demon-shooting gameplay. Remember that this offer is only good for a week, so even if you can’t get to it anytime soon, download it now to check it out later.

All players will also receive a healthy round of free multiplayer content, including three free for all modes, a variant on Capture the Flag called Exodus, and a capture-and-hold mode called Sector. These new multiplayer modes will also be playable on all maps, which includes any maps that will launch in the future. 

Next month will also see the release of the first downloadable content called Unto the Evil, including three new maps, new playable demon Harvester, and an array of taunts, armor, and more customizable options.For a taste, check out the content video for what’s to come for Doom.

Stay tuned this week as more content hits the E3 2016 show floor right here on PSU!