New EA Sports UFC 2 video hammerfists career and online modes into our eyeballs

Electronic Arts has released a brand new gameplay video for EA Sports UFC 2, this time focusing on the in-depth single-player career and online modes for the game.

In the case of the former, players can now not only create their own fighter to take through the career mode but can also elect to take an existing, real-life UFC scrapper through it as well should they not want to bother with all that fighter creation stuff.  

In career mode, players begin fighting it out on The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s reality show and MMA proving ground hybrid that aims to separate the great combatants from, well, the not so good ones.


Once your chosen fighter starts off down the road towards the championship, establishing a training regimen proves to be key to finding success. Here, players now have the ability to not only focus on developing strengths and weaknesses but also to adjust the intensity of their workout too. For example, a higher intensity workout may yield better results though potentially putting extra wear and tear on your fighter, or worse, giving them an injury that could adversely affect their next fight.

Also new this year is the notion of fighter objectives. Here, players are given a number of objectives to complete in a fight such as knocking out an opponent before the third round or attempting a number of submissions for example. The upshot of completing these objectives is that your fighter accrues crucial fight experience, which can then be used to upgrade their stats and learn new moves in order to make them more competitive. 

Perhaps most brilliantly of all is the fact is that women fighters not only get their first shot at career mode, but also feature in the newly revamped create-a-fighter mode too; allowing players to fashion their very own women brawlers from the ground up.

Online-wise, EA Sports UFC 2 brings an improved divisional ranking system and a new ‘title chase’ mode that allows players to compete for a shot at the championship belt within their division – eventually leading to a real-time, five round scrap with the current online titleholder.

You can catch this latest trailer below.

Previously, legendary boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson was revealed as a bonus fighter for folks who preorder the game. EA Sports UFC 2 is set to release on PS4 on March 15.