New Final Fantasy 15 trailer shows peak absurdity with Cup Noodle cross-promo

If you’ve played Final Fantasy 15 for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the billboards, shipping trucks, or even the side quest featuring Nissin’s popular Cup Noodles. The noodles have enjoyed a healthy amount of screen time in-game, and have now even made their way into a delightfully bizarre mash-up trailer for both FF15 and Cup Noodles.

The first half of the commercial showcases some exhilarating moments from FF15 including the monstrous summon Leviathan, a touching moment between father and son, and the four guys on their road trip across Eos. The latter half shows off the exact same scenes, reworked by the Final Fantasy 15 development team to incorporate several varieties of Cup Noodle in key roles. Leviathan is now stewing in a large cup, the father-son moment is now a father-noodle moment, and the boys have now got a heaping helping of Cup Noodles in tow for their adventure. They’ve even taken the official FF15 logo and noodled it up.

That’s not all though: Cup Noodle’s official website has also been completely revamped to reflect the cross-promotion, showing off the “characters” and “back story” of Cup Noodles 15, as well as featuring the aforementioned trailer. I’m not sure about noodles having a back story, but I’d certainly be keen to get a DLC pack of Cup Noodle gag weapons and armor.

Final Fantasy 15 is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.