New Four Seasons Garden details and images revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has released new details and images of their upcoming PSN gardening simulator, Four Seasons Garden (Shiki-Tei).

According to reports the new sim will be hitting the Japanese PSN June 26, as a 640MB download for 1,500 円 (about USD 14).

For those of you not familiar with Four Seasons Garden, it’s a PS3 exclusive, designed to allow users to create and care for a 3D living environment. Players will be able to choose from five locations, from Japanese themed to Western themed, as well as choose from over 150 different kinds of plants, shrubs, and trees to plant and grow.

There will be seasonal and weather conditions which will affect the growth of the garden as well as other anomalies that players will have to keep in mind. Over 24 different kinds of animals will live in the garden, including birds, squirrels, turtles, and coy fish.

Gamers will also be given the option of using a camera mode to take pictures of their garden, which will be stored in both the game’s photo album and the PS3 HDD. Users will be able to look at their friends’ garden images online; however exploring the garden in 3D will not be available.

Here are some of the latest screenshots. To look at the full gallery, click here.