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New Gangs Of Sherwood Gameplay Showcased During Nacon Connect, Will Release In Fall 2023

Gangs Of Sherwood, the upcoming co-op action game from developer Appeal Studios and publisher Nacon just had a huge showcase of gameplay during the Nacon Connect.

Along with that we also got a new release window, pinning the game’s launch to be sometime in Fall 2023.

Gangs Of Sherwood takes its inspiration from the Robin Hood tales and characters, with Appeal Studios putting its own spin on everything.

The combat gets a lot of focus time in this new trailer, showcasing something that looks like a cross between early Batman Arkham games and Devil May Cry.

Still, the influx of Robin Hood storytelling through it all makes it look more unique, even if there are similarities.

You can check out the new gameplay trailer for Gangs Of Sherwood for yourself, here.

Thursday’s Nacon Connect event won’t be the only one the publisher hosts this year, so at the very least we should expect to hear more about Gangs Of Sherwood at this summer’s event.

Source – [Nacon Connect]