New God of War: Ascension enemy revealed – the Satyr Captain

God of War fans are no doubt stoked for Kratos’ next vengeance-fueled bloodbath. God of War: Ascension launches on March 12, 2013, and a recent post on the official PlayStation Blog gives us a glimpse at one of the game’s fearsome enemies.

Satyrs are a familiar foe to God of War veterans, but even experienced players might find reason to fear the all-new Satyr Captain. For the first time, a system of rank and order has been added to the Satyr hierarchy. The presence of this captain is designed to change the behavior of grunt Satyrs and make them obedient to the tactical commands of a more intelligent power.

According to Santa Monica concept artist Izzy, intelligence is the key. "As I’ve mentioned before, I find malevolent intelligence way more potentially scary compared to a more feral savage evil. For the Captain he needed to clearly be in command . . . When he gets in there, he doesn’t mess around. His nasty falchion style sword does plenty of damage, when he’s not above calling in the troops."

Stay tuned to for more on God of War: Ascension in the months ahead, and let us know what you think of this enemy design in the comments below.