Gran Turismo

New Gran Turismo Game In Development, Says GT Series Creator

gran turismo sport update 1.18

Despite GT Sport only releasing in October 2017 and still enjoying impressive sales, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamuauchi has already started work on a new Gran Turismo game.

Speaking with Japanese site Game Watch, Yamuauchi was asked whether there were any concrete plans for the next GT racing game.

“I can not talk about anything yet, but since the moment releasing GT, I have started making the next GT”, he said.

What he isn't sure off is whether it will be Gran Turismo 7 or named something else entirely. Interesting, Game Watch also asked Yamuauchi if there were any plans of creating a sequel to Tourist Trophy. You might remember this was a motorcycle racing game that appear on PS2 and featured a modified version of the Gran Turismo 4 game engine.

New Gran Turismo Game Could Feature Bikes

Though he doesn't make his intentions clear, he does suggest that he's thinking about it, or may even include bikes in the next Gran Turismo game.

“I always hear about the sequel of TT, so I do not know whether it will appear as a sequel to TT or whether a motorcycle will appear in GT, but always there is a corner in the head.” (thanks to Google translate).

In terms of the current racing game, GT Sport, there's still plenty of plans for 2018. Having recently release major update v1.11, which adds new cars, track layouts and new GT League events, there's more content coming.

“The world of the GT series, will continue to expand”, he says, with new cars, and future updates. In other GT news, it was confirmed that the Gran Turismo 6 servers are due to close in March.