New GTA IV details revealed

Rockstar recently revealed the newest GTA IV trailer, ‘Move Up, Ladies.’ We’ve now got some new details from the GT Pop-Block, ranging from small to immense in importance.

Starting with plot, the Caribbean guy’s name in the trailer is Little Jacob – he’s an arms dealer. The woman dancing is Elizabeth, both a drug dealer and a major character. The white dude in the warehouse area is Brucie; a child of the 80’s with a tattoo that translates to "ME." The Russian Mafioso, Vlad, is a big talker but is actually just a small player in the Russian mob. Lastly, the ex-hood, Manny, wants to clean up the streets.

In regards to gameplay, we’ve got some captivating new information for you. Billiards will be a mini-game in GTA IV, so there’s no more need to buy a shoddy budget pool title for USD 40. Another cool gameplay element is that of finding weapons – you’ll need to get a little physical before you get your guns. Finally, and most importantly, GTA IV will implement a cover system, allowing for tactical movement, blind fire, and strategic gun battles (hopefully on par with the likes of RSV and Uncharted).

We’ll have more news for you on this highly anticipated title shortly.