New Killzone: Shadow Fall story trailer humanizes Helghasts

Guerrilla Games has issued a new trailer teasing the upcoming single player experience in the PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall.

In prime and expected fashion, the team at Guerrilla Games has generated a game that looks absolutely gorgeous, but the intrigue of this new story trailer is that the Helghasts are featured as more human than in any previous Killzone title. Many fans have voiced their wishes for a more Helghast-heavy game as well as the option to play as a member of the orange-goggled military, and though initial signs point away from the ability to play as both sides, members of the Helghast take the center stage as their side of the planetary conflict takes shape. With tensions high, main character Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan must contend with emotional ties on both sides of the shaky peace treaty in order to prevent another war; certainly, everything will go off without a hitch in the 10-hour story line.

All jokes aside, take a gander at Guerrilla Games’ new Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer.

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