New Neverwinter PS4 Update Patch Notes Revealed

Arc Games and Perfect World have released the latest Neverwinter update patch notes for you to gawk at, with the update now available to download for PlayStation 4 owners.

Neverwinter Update Patch Notes

Content and Environment


  • The in-game achievement, Tamer of Demogorgon, is now completed when achieving Gold rank on Demogorgon (Master), as normal mode is no longer available.


  • Various changes have been made to the environment art and visual effects in Avernus to improve performance. Most of these shouldn’t be too noticeable, but as an example, the protective field around Vallenhas Keep will now fade at a distance.
Neverwinter PS4 update patch notes

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Oathkeeper Paladin: Guarded Prayers no longer generates Action Points longer than intended.
  • Warlock: Soul Sparks are now properly generated when the warlock has Hellfire Expertise.

Item Powers

  • Berserker’s Might: This item power no longer keeps players in a combat state after combat ends.

Enemies and Encounters

Infernal Citadel

  • Hellfire Engine: There is no longer a spot where players can stand undamaged regardless of grate destruction.

Items and Economy

Zen Market

  • The VIP-only 33% Key Bundle discount now applies to the Divine Key Bundle, and no longer applies to the Star Rover Key Bundle.
    • Players who purchased the Star Rover Key Bundle at the 33% discount will still be able to purchase a Divine Key Bundle at 33% off.
    • This discount’s availability has been extended for five days. Note that this offer is only valid once per account, per discount period.

User Interface


  • Lifetime PvP Stats now properly display values other than 0.


  • The Trade Bar Merchant no longer incorrectly opens the Zen Market to the Supplies category when the player selects the “Purchase Enchanted Keys” dialog option.

Performance and Stability


  • A high-frequency crash has been addressed.
  • Selling several items to a vendor, such as the Professions vendor, no longer causes the client to crash.