New PS All-Stars DLC detailed

Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke and God of War’s Zeus will be joining the roster for Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, IGN has confirmed.

The pair will follow on from the previous batch of DLC, which introduced Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmet Graves (Starhawk).

In addition to the new characters, All-Stars’ next content drop will also offer a new stage based off of MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan.

In terms of abilities, Clarke is a long-range fighter, and wields an assortment of weapons plucked from his experience onboard the Ishimura and The Sprawl. Meanwhile, Zeus likes to get up close and personal and pummel his opponents with sheer brute strength.

The new DLC will be released on PlayStation Network on March 19, though there’s currently no word on how much it’ll cost.

Stay tuned.